Here you can find samples of available books as well as some future works in progress.

All material is copyrighted by J. C. Roberts.

Case #1 Warren High: An Elephant Never Forgets (Middle Grade)

Ned Gunnison is an antisocial prairie dog with a passion for all things spooky. When the mysterious Laura comes to him for help though, he finds himself a bit closer to the paranormal than he’d like. Will he save the school from its haunting spirit, or will he be the ghost’s next victim?

Case #2 Warren High: Flames of Passion (Middle Grade)

Ned’s sick, and that makes Laura the de facto leader of the Paranormal Investigation Club. The only problem is that there just doesn’t seem to be any cases to take. When Ned’s older sister Christie is arrested for arson, however, Laura will have to solve the case without Ned’s leadership, or risk being targeted by the real arsonist.

Oracle (Young Adult/New Adult)

While assisting his father on a field trip to a museum of ancient history, Will stumbles upon the ill-tempered Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. While the two are a poor match, they find themselves forced to work together in order to protect an ancient artifact. An item with a curse so powerful, it could spur a war between the Gods.

Shattered Clockwork (Young Adult/New Adult)

In this Sci-Fi Mystery, Renard Lunos, a renowned investigative journalist, has to sniff out the case of his life. A Gladiator named Odette has been imprisoned on suspicion of murder. Despite the overwhelming evidence against her, Renard can’t help but feel that something is off. The clockwork girl can’t recall any of the events that night, but was recorded committing the crime. It’s up to Lunos to solve the crime, before the real killer has a chance to strike again.

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